Richard Platt

Award winning Film and TV Director


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What People Say

“Rick is a great creative inspiration and it’s always with a sense of pleasure and excitement when the opportunity to collaborate with him arises. Rick is one of those rare directors that is not only able to inspire the cast and crew, but also brings his own individual flair and directorial voice to every production.”

- Simon Butcher

Director of Photography , Casualty and Holby City

“Having been on EastEnders for over 35 years, I’ve worked with a lot of directors. I can honestly say Rick Platt is one of my favourites. There are some Directors that don’t let you have a say in the creative process, Rick is one that will. Do I understand his notes? Yes. His communication is clear and concise both to me and the technical crew and I always enjoy working with him.”
- Adam Woodyatt

Ian Beale in EastEnders

“I forgot I really was scared of heights working with Rick on top of the O2!

“No matter what the scene demands, Rick creates a happy, relaxed & confident environment that gives room for the actor to play. He loves his work and is so good at it! It’s a joy to be directed by him, to be part of his team, part of his vision.”

- Gillian Wright

Jean Slater in Eastenders

Rick is a fantastic director to work with. He leads from the front with inventiveness and huge energy, but is also very skilled at catching the little details in performances that can make all the difference. He’s as comfortable getting the best out of the crew as he is in drawing the most compelling performances from actors. What’s particularly impressive is that he’s able to create original and exciting work whilst still delivering it all on budget and on schedule. I can’t wait to work with him again.

- Sean O'Connor

Executive Producer; Hollyoaks, Family Affairs, Eastenders, Footballers Wives. Editor of The Archers

“If a Director is someone who can inspire you, who you can trust, who makes the process so enjoyable yet never loses the focus and concentration needs to provide the best work, who you look forward to being on the set with everyday, and who relaxes all those around him because he has such a consummate knowledge of his craft, then you need look no further than Rick Platt.”

- Bob Barrett

Sacha Levy - Holby City