My Works

Throughout my career I’ve worked on a wide range of documentaries, television series and short films

Room 17 | 10mins |UK

A runaway Bride and her maid of honour; a philandering groom, a lovesick receptionist and a story blocked screen writer, find themselves at loggerheads when their lives cross in Room 17.

POPPY | 11 mins | UK

On a family holiday with her parents and older brother, Poppy is in a mood. When she starts to see things out of the corner of her eye, the family dismiss her anxiety as attention seeking behaviour, but when a news report on the TV becomes shockingly real and armed men descend on the house, the family find themselves paying a terrible price for their complacency.

Big Budget Stunt Episode of Eastenders

A behind the scenes look at RICK PLATT’S production of the first £1million stunt spectacular episode of the BBC serial drama Eastenders.
Featuring the car crash and underwater footage including interviews with Director RICK PLATT and stunt co-ordinator LEE SEWARD.
See how the episode was put together and carefully planned to achieve these amazing results.

Mayday Mayday

Winner of the First Film Foundations “New Directions” Award 1996, the film received it’s premiere at BAFTA and went on to screen in both New York and Los Angeles as part of the New British Filmmakers Initiative.
Mayday Mayday tells the story of Jack Redpath, President of the Local Boilermakers Union. A man who has given everything to the cause often to the detriment of his family. On the eve of the final Mayday parade before amalgamatuon of his precious craft union into the General Municipal Workers Union; Jack is forced to choose between his family and his union with dramatic consequences.

The Surprise Cafe

A series of short studio based TV plays – promo.

Feature films in Development


Written by Rick Platt, about a young boy who believes he is Elvis Presley and his friendship with his disabled friend. For anyone who’s ever sung into a hairbrush and seen more than themselves reflected in the mirror.

Paradise UK

Written by Tracy Babin

Two sisters on the run, are forced to face the challenges of survival on their council estate when their parents are arrested as illegal immigrants. Paradise Uk is a roller coaster British Urban Thriller, which sets the state against the innocent with tragic consequences.